Male Enhancement Products 

Every man wishes he was well endowed. This is especially true in the modern day, where women are more experienced and are more open about sexuality. With this openness size is a topic of conversation, and it does make a difference.

Women actually prefer penises that are slightly above average. They feel most comfortable with penises between 6 - 7 inches. Anything less, and they don't feel satisfied, anything bigger, and it hurts. If you're looking for a 10 inch penis then you should realize it's not realistic. If you want to safely add an inch or two of penis size then you should select from our featured products (SizeGenetics review). 

Featured Product:

VigRX - the amazing formula that enhances penis size & hardness!
VigRX is a natural herbal formula for penis enhancement that works to increase penis size, improve sexual health and strengthen erections when you are aroused.

Runner up Products:

VigRX Oil - the instant topical oil to enhance erection, stamina, and sensation in 60 seconds or less.
VigRx Oil delivers a powerful synergistic blend of ingredients specifically designed to benefit men's penile and sexual health. You just smooth VigRX Oil onto your penis - for best results, a few drops once or twice a day with an extender device (Bathmate hydropump) and before intercourse.

MaxiDerm - Bigger, harder, and longer-lasting results NOW with a discreet little patch
Using the latest transdermal technology, MaxiDerm gradually releases all-natural active ingredients right through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Many prescription medications are now available with this delivery method, known for its accurate and potent dosing and predictable blood levels of the pharmaceutical ingredients. We tested along with our gains with the penomet pump and were impressed.